Huntley Street: Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages: Do the Little Things. Shaunti spent three years interviewing and surveying 1,000 couples to uncover the most important habits of the most happily married couples – what are they doing differently, that they may not even realize is making them so happy, that others can replicate?


Charisma News Part 2: Should You Tell Your Wife About Your Porn Problem?

From wives to moms, women are front and center in the war against porn. But what role should women play? Where are the lines?
Charisma News caught up with them to get some insights. You can still read part one of this interview: "What Women Don’t Understand About Men Who Struggle With Pornography."


Huntley Street: Divorce Rate is Not 50% Among Church Goers

Eye-opening, life-changing truths about relationships, both at home and in the workplace. In her books “The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages" and "The Good News About Marriage" Shaunti Feldhahn is giving couples and the culture hope that great marriages are possible, likely, and simpler than most people think.


Faith Street On Faith: Are Women the Solution to the Porn Epidemic?

We have never experienced life through a man’s eyes, so most of us have no idea of the challenges a godly man or boy faces every day. Women have heard that “men are visual,” but we don’t truly understand what that means. This is one reason all the excellent work being done hasn’t yet made a systemic difference to the problem of porn in the church.


CBN News: Through a Man’s Eyes: What Women Should Know

For centuries, in most cultures, the only woman a man would ever see intimately would be his wife. Now males are bombarded with visual temptations on billboards, magazines, and screens of all kinds, as well as on the streets and beaches.

Much of how this impacts men comes from the fact that they are super-visual.


Could the Way We Think About Divorce Be All Wrong?

A Huffington Post article sorting myth from reality about marriage, featuring The Good News About Marriage.

It’s easy to understand why no one likes to talk about divorce. It’s an emotionally charged word that begets resentment, grief, and memories of heartbreak. It’s such an affected word that nearly anyone – single, married, or divorced – could understand why a divorcée would say, "I never want to get married again!"

Heartbreak is something we can all empathize with; but as much as it pains us,


The Blaze Article: Everything We’ve Been Told About Marriage and Divorce is Completely Wrong

Social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn is on a mission to debunk some of the rampant myths she says cloud perceptions about marriage and divorce.In her new book, the author tackles a number of misconceptions that she believes are damaging to the institution of marriage: that half of marriages end in divorce, that church-going couples divorce just as often as the general public and that most marriages aren’t happy. – See more at:

The Blaze